Certified Business Valuation

Why Do We Offer
Business Valuation Services?

As brokers and exit planners, we consider accurate knowledge of the value of your business to be one of the most important pieces of information that you, the business owner, can possess.

Understanding business value and how to grow business value separates owners who have sellable businesses from those who don’t.

At DBG Advisors, we want ALL business owners to have sellable businesses!

What Are the Benefits of Knowing the Value of Your Business?

Business owners need to know the value of their businesses when:

  • They desire to sell their businesses
  • They need to separate from a business partner
  • They want to transfer ownership in their businesses to family members (to establish a reasonable transfer price or to establish basis for federal income tax purposes)
  • They want to plan for their retirement

Additional benefits of having a proper business appraisal include:

  • Creation of information that enhances the marketing documents we use in the business sale process
  • Development of a “road map” that business owners can use to manage the value of their businesses
  • To track progress toward retirement goals

Valuation Services We are Equipped to Provide

In addition to standard business valuations; DBG Advisors is equipped to perform the following types of valuation services for federal tax and other purposes, including litigation support:

  • Gift and estate tax valuations of transferred business interests including discounts associated with non-marketability and control issues
  • Section 409A related valuations including valuations of different equity interests in complex capital structures
  • Section 83b valuations including valuations of equity interests in complex capital structures
  • Personal goodwill and non-compete valuations
  • Reasonable compensation studies
  • Valuation of businesses and business interests for marital separation
  • Calculation of economic damages and lost profits
  • Bankruptcy related valuations including “Till” analysis, preference payment studies and solvency analyses

Our Process

As your valuation advisor, we will need to obtain several documents from you to prepare our analysis. These will include five years of financial statements and tax returns.

Additionally, we will need to spend time with you to discuss the operation of your business and what you believe the future has in store.

The combination of the documents you provide and the information you provide during our interview(s) will help us create a financial forecast for your business that will help us estimate its value.  Our valuation studies typically consider:

  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Market multiples obtained from two separate data sources
  • When appropriate, consideration of the value of assets owned by the business

At DBG Advisors, we are happy to explain our methodology for appraising your business and address all your questions and concerns about our process and conclusions. Our goal is simple: to create a defendable sales price that will lead to a lucrative exit and a secure future for you and your family.

Why Choose DBG Advisors for your Business Valuation?

We are seasoned advisors with years of experience in conducting business transactions in the Dallas/ Fort Worth market. We have knowledge of your industry, market, and your line of business. When we are helping to develop a defendable sales price, we will consider both financial and non-financial factors in the process. Whatever your reason is for needing to know how much your company is worth, we can help because we are experienced in conducting valuations.