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Value Builder System

Business owners are often concerned about how prepared their company is to be sold. A Sellability Score provides realistic expectations of a company’s value. An objective report can follow which measures readiness, and provides a process to get the organization in position to achieve full value.

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EOS Implementation

EOS is a holistic system that addresses six aspects of your business. Master these elements and you can integrate them into a powerful framework that will help you gain TRACTION and realize the vision you’ve always had for your business.

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Business Valuation

Getting full value for your company starts with having evidence to quantify its worth. At DBG Advisors we use multifaceted evaluation tools to establish a defendable market value for your company to help you stand by what you are asking and get what you want.

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Seller Representation

Selling your company includes many decisions. Asset or stock sale? Sell or lease real estate? Seller finance or all cash? Become an employee or walk away? DBG Advisors will provide guidance throughout the process. We help you Get Full Value!

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Buyer Representation

Financial and strategic buyers often need a partner. Someone to take the load of finding the company they are looking for to achieve their acquisition or growth objectives. DBG Advisors takes on that task, finding the company and representing you in the final transaction.

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A trip to the bank is not always the best method of getting capital to grow your company. The options are plentiful, and at DBG Advisors we have the experience and the relationships to help you select the best option for you with the right solution provider.

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Management Buy Out

Transferring a company from its owner to a sitting management group can be operationally smooth, but legally and financially rocky. At DBG Advisors we understand the pitfalls and mediate between the parties to bring all concerned to the best mutual outcome.

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Who We Are

DBG Advisors is a Business Brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions firm serving the owners of lower middle-market manufacturing, distribution and service companies with sales from $2 million to $50 million.

DBG Advisors adheres to the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality, and guides clients through its stringent process to maximize the value they receive for their company when the time to exit arrives. Whether DBG Advisors is engaged as a Certified Value Builder, an EOS Implementer or in a buy/sell transaction our goal is to achieve our client’s best.

What Our Clients Say

  • I would certainly recommend Nolan Duck to anyone needing assistance in selling an accounting practice. The process was overwhelming due to the sudden illness and death of my husband but Nolan was very patient with me and made sure I understood every step we took to make it a smooth transaction.

    Mrs. Max Bryant
  • Nolan Duck did a fantastic job in assisting my client with the sale of an accounting practice. Time was of the essence and Nolan worked diligently and expertly to find the right buyer and helped negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement. Above all, Nolan has integrity. I highly recommend him.

    Shanan T. Bailey
    Attorney at Law
  • I wanted to thank you for your service to Tecmetrics in the recent shareholder buyout negotiations. While we had been unsuccessful on our own for several months, all you were able to rapidly identify the issues that separated us from an agreement, and facilitate a mutually satisfactory transaction. You quickly established a rapport with both parties, and effectively conveyed concerns and issues between us. With your help, we were able to reach an agreement and closing in just 2 weeks. Again, many thanks for your help in bringing this transaction to completion!

    Bob Reese

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