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DBG Advisors is a Merger & Acquisitions Advisory and Business Brokerage firm. We are focused on helping founders, owners and executives Determine, Build and Get Full Value of their business. We offer owners of privately held, lower middle-market companies a wide range of services, specializing in the sale of companies with revenue between $2 and $65 million.

At DBG Advisors, we use The Value Builder System to help owners maximize business valuation as they prepare for the sale of their largest asset. Based in North Dallas, we work for companies throughout DFW, West Texas, Austin and Houston.

What We Do: Business Brokerage Services

Seller Representation

If a business owner is prepared to sell, our brokers have the experience, systems and tools to coach them through our process of selling their company which will maximize value.

Buyer Representation

DBG Advisors assists financial and strategic buyers in finding the best company in DFW for sale. We further represent clients in the final transaction.


We have relationships with strategic buyers and private equity firms in Texas. DBG can also consult on available options when more capital is needed for company growth.

Management Buy-Outs

DBG Advisors acts as intermediaries in guiding founders and entrepreneurs through the process of selling all or a portion of their company to existing management.

The DBG Difference

DBG’s goal is to get a business owner’s business on the right path for a lucrative exit. The process involves preparing the business for sale and finding strategic or financial buyers who are looking for this specific kind of business. We seek to produce the best options for business owners to maximize their exit while at the same time providing potential buyers with a perfect fit for their desired acquisition. We help owners throughout North Texas buy or sell businesses in a variety of industries. As Board Certified Brokers, DBG customized services to each client’s needs, interest level, market timing and budget. Our strength is a blending of competence, integrity and service.

Determine Business Valuation

DBG Advisors offers accurate business appraisals through a combination of best practices and research tools designed specifically for business valuations. By using our unique process, DBG helps sellers establish a defendable sales price. Next, our Brokers help the owner determine the most probable selling price, allowing you to maximize the value of your business.

Build Value

A company’s valuation is important when selling, and plays a critical role in expansion, investment and growth. Starting with an initial appraisal, DBG Advisors provides business growth coaching to clients not quite ready for a transaction. Our team can coach founders and owners on low-risk strategies to increase valuation, improving cash flow and maximize ROI.

Get Full Value

Selling a business requires preparation, communication and legal agreements to transfer ownership. Most business owners are overwhelmed with these distractions to their day to day operations , but want to start planning for an exit. The “Sellability” of a company is not determined by you, the owner, nor by your revenue or your impressive list of customers. The sellability of your company, and the amount it can sell for is what a buyer is willing to pay. Getting a “Sellability Score” will help the business owner begin to see their company from a buyer’s perspective resulting in valuable insight into how they need to prepare for an exit.

What Our Clients Say About DBG Advisors

I certainly recommend Nolan Duck to anyone needing assistance in selling an accounting practice. The process was overwhelming due to the sudden illness and death of my husband. Nolan was very patient with me. He made sure I understood every step to make it a smooth transaction.

Mrs. Max Bryant

Seller in Sherman, TX, Tax Service Company

Nolan Duck did a fantastic job assisting my client with the sale of an accounting practice. Time was of the essence and Nolan worked diligently to find the right buyer. He negotiated a mutually beneficial agreement. Nolan has integrity and I highly recommend him.

Shanan T. Bailey

Attorney at Law in Sherman, TX

Nolan and the DBG Advisors team are the first resource I employ when it comes to getting clients ready to sell. Selling your business is complex so Nolan provides a step by step consultation during the whole process. Even if you are not considering selling your business now, DBG Advisors is a confidential trusted advisor for my clients to understand the process before they need to begin the sale process. I highly recommend DBG Advisors for their high ethical standard and experience.

David Twu

Commercial Banker & Relationship Manager in Dallas, TX, Comerica Bank

I was referred to Nolan Duck thru a mutual friend in the Chamber of Commerce. Upon meeting him, he very quickly worked with me on understanding a complicated business purchase and how to determine a fair market value. Nolan took the time to get the information he needed and then teach me his methodology. This gave me much needed perspective to build my offer and close the deal in a timely fashion. I recommend DBG Advisors strongly.

Christopher White


Thank you for your service to Tecmetrics in the recent shareholder buyout negotiations. We were unsuccessful on our own for several months. You were able to rapidly identify the issues that separated us from an agreement, and facilitate a mutually satisfactory transaction. You quickly established a rapport with both parties then effectively conveyed concerns and issues between us. We were able to reach an agreement and closing in just 2 weeks. Thanks for your help in bringing this transaction to completion!

Bob Reese

Owner in Addison, TX, TECMETRICS

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  • Do you have the right mindset to execute a smooth transition from your business?

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