Business Value Drivers | Financial Performance

Oct 10, 2019 | Article, Blog, Video

Business Value Drivers | Financial Performance

The financial performance of your business consists of your top-line revenue and that of your bottom-line profit.  The interesting thing about your financial performance is that there is a second kind of hidden element to it.  It is not only what those financial numbers are but the quality of the reporting on those numbers in your financial performance.  So, to drive up your score do not only focus on your top-line and bottom-line financial performance alone, but also consider investing in an financial audit or some way to make sure that those numbers are as defendable as you can.  You should also consider a DBG Advisors Business Valuation as one way to evaluate and map out your business sales price along with your financial performance audit.   A potential buyer will look at your numbers and say this is great, yet how defendable are your business financial numbers and what 3rd  party has come in to really scrutinize these?  So, investing in an audit is one simple way to improve your ValueBuilder score in the financial performance of your business to get the most value for your company when you go to sell your company.


Where does Your Company stand on Financial Performance ?

Financial Performance is one of the 8 Drivers of Company Value within the ValueBuilder System. The DBG Advisors Proven Process begins with a ValueBuilder Assessment which we invite business owners to take. It just takes 13 minutes to assess where your business scores among the 8 Drivers of Company Value, important to buyers. You will then receive feedback from DBG Advisors personally on your ValueBuilder Assessment, at no cost.

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