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Expert Business Transaction Services in Texas

Imagine this. After 20 years in business, the business owner decides that it is time to sell his business. He toys with the idea of calling a professional Business Broker but decides to sell it on his own and save the fee that he would have to pay a Business Broker. Was that a good decision? You might think it is, but most business owners who have attempted to sell their businesses eventually realize that it is best to leave such an important job to a professional.

Companies change ownership at some point. As such, the services of Business Brokers prove to be highly valuable for both the seller and the buyer. As the name implies, Business Brokers are professionals who guide their clients in selling and buying businesses. An aspiring entrepreneur needs help finding and evaluating a target business he/she wants to buy. A business owner needs help preparing their business for sale, confidentially marketing it, vetting the prospective buyers, managing due-diligence and negotiating the sale. In both instances, DBG Advisors can offer valuable assistance.

Why Work with DBG Advisors?Business Transaction

We can save you time.

Selling a business can be a very demanding and tiresome process. This can take up a lot of time and can even drive down the value of the business, as you spend more time on the sales process rather than on the daily operations of the business. This is where DBG Advisors comes in. Our business is dealing with business transactions and we do it full time.

We have the marketing skills.

Selling your business all by yourself can be inefficient, especially if you lack the experience. On the other hand, our experience, resources and specialized analytical tools can effectively reach potential buyers faster and easier within the industry. DBG makes sure that we vet each prospective buyer and give the business owner chance to approve of who will be contacted. We have databases of buyers who are searching for a business like yours. We also proactively know where to find buyers that might not be looking in your direction. Hence, we can wade through unsolicited offers and thereby, gain entry to a larger pool of potential buyers. This would increase your benefits and advantages in selling your business.

We can provide confidentiality.

Most business owners are very concerned about confidentiality in the sale of their business. They do not want their employees, customers, vendors, and competitors to know they are up for sale. Any attempt to sell their business openly or independently would likely damage their staff’s morale and give their competitors the opportunity to spread damaging rumors about them and steal their valued customers. We are accustomed to taking every precaution to keep the sale confidential. We will ask buyers to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. When you work with us, we can work anonymously, ensuring the protection of your business.

We can put the right price on your business.

Most business owners feel their businesses are worth a lot more than what the market dictates. When one goes to market at a price that is too high, they risk losing many qualified buyers. This will also increase the time it takes to sell their business. On the other hand, an owner might price their business too low forfeiting dollars they should be earning in the sale. We will perform a Business Valuation so the asking price is realistic and defendable in the market.

We can make negotiations easyBusiness Transaction

Reaching target buyers is just one part of our job; getting the best price for your business is another important part of our job. Negotiating on your own behalf is like the saying “a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client.”

We can help in financing.

Most business sales involve some sort of financing. Very few buyers can afford to pay all cash when buying a business. We have many banking and legal contacts that can pre-qualify a business for a loan in order to make sure that deals to get financed.

From a business buyer’s perspective, DBG Advisors can bring a lot of advantages as well.

If you are a buyer and ask for our assistance, you will be able to have access to opportunities that you likely will not find on your own. If you do not have enough knowledge regarding the industry you chose, you can make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision. We can also facilitate other essential tasks such as researching recent market conditions, current prices, and reasonable financing.

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