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Management Buyout

Management Buyout

A Management Buyout is not an easy transition for a business.

Clients of DBG choose to transition ownership by selling the entire company. Also, a portion of their company may be sold to the existing management team. DBG Advisors act as intermediaries in guiding companies through this process.  In addition, we are assuring a win/win outcome for both parties. 

Usually the management team comes to the owner with the management buyout request.  Therefore, both sides are walking into uncharted territory at this point. 


The goal is to provide a well-defined process to guide you through this transition.  Years of experience we have allows us to be confident in a positive outcome. 






Our Advisors

The Advisors at DBG have experience guiding our clients paying attention the needs of all involved. We represent company’s with professionalism, honesty and dedication.  Most importantly, we pay attention to detail. 

You deserve a qualified and experienced team of professionals guiding the process step by step. Therefore, we put together a team to assist as we move through a management buyout. In addition, our team facilitates other independent professionals who may be engaged if their services are required. 

DBG Advisors uses the most current valuation tools to help establish a correct market value during a management buyout .  We determine The Most Probable Buying Price.  We do this by using your company’s financial information

  • The last three years’ Balance Sheets
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Each year’s total of one owner’s compensation
  • Industry specific comparables

During a management buyout our methods examine many factors that affect the final valuation. We compile the results of our research and analysis in a Final Report. This is presented to the company’s decision makers. In conclusion, our method help involved parties clearly see options and establishes realistic expectations for a successful management buyout.