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Increase your company's value

Value Builder Engagement

The value of your company is important when you are ready to sell, but that shouldn’t be the only time it’s important to you. Your company is positioned to receive maximum value at sale when the eight characteristics of business value have been maximized. But the characteristics not only denote a company that will yield the highest multiple of earnings, but also one that gives the owner the greatest return month after month for as long as they maintain ownership.

DBG Advisors Value Builder Engagement will help your company reach maximum value. Ask us how.


Business Valuation

A Business Valuations is a typical first step in preparing your company for sale. Often, company’s owner are surprised at the result, having expected the company to be worth more than it actually is. At DBG Advisors we do business valuations weather you are selling or not, and we recommend them at the beginning of and at the end of our other services.

DBG Advisors will help you know what your company is worth. Ask us to do an business valuation for your company.

EOS / Implementation

EOS is a holistic system that addresses six aspects of your business. Master these elements and you can integrate them into a powerful framework that will help you gain TRACTION and realize the vision you’ve always had for your business. Read more

Value Builder

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