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Value Builder Assessment

Get sellability score – Business owners are concerned how prepared their company is prior to selling the business. Most importantly, a Sellability Score provides realistic expectations of a company’s value. An objective report follows to measure readiness. This provides a process for the organization to achieve full value prior to selling a business.

The “Sellability” of your company is not determined by you the owner, nor by your revenue or your impressive list of customers. The ability of your company to be sold, and the amount it can sell for is determined by the buyer. Click the link below to take the Value Builder assessment and get your sellability score. The score is built on the eight things known to make a company attractive to buyers, and to maximize what a buyer is willing to offer. Most importantly –Get sellability score

Sound like something you want to know? Then let’s get started! Click the link and get your score.

Get Sellability Score

The Automatic Customer

Complete the Assessment and receive a free chapter of:  Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You.

Value Builder Engagement

The value of your company is important when you are ready to sell.  However, That shouldn’t be the only time it’s important to you. Your company is positioned to receive maximum value at sale when the eight characteristics of business value have been maximized. The characteristics not only denote a company that will yield the highest multiple of earnings. They provide the owner the greatest return month after month for as long as they maintain ownership.

Get sellability score

Most importantly, obtaining full value for a company starts with acquiring evidence to measure its worth. DBG Advisors uses multifaceted evaluation tools to establish defendable market value. This allows you to stand by the asking price to obtain maximum value. In conclusion, DBG Advisors Value Builder Engagement will help your company reach maximum value. Ask us how.

Get Your Sellability Score