Valuing Your Company


DBG Advisors uses the most current valuation report tools to help establish a defendable market value for your company.  We determine The Most Probable Selling Price by using your company’s financial information (the last three years’ Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, Tax Returns and each year’s total of one owner’s compensation), and industry specific comparables.

Valuation Report

Our method examines many factors that affect the final valuation. Loan value, assets, earnings, management, market share, intellectual property, cash flow, and trademarks name only a few.  We will compile the results of our research and analysis in a Valuation Report to be presented to the company’s decision makers. This method helps you clearly see your options and establishes realistic expectations. All of this is delivered to you for a fee of $2,500 which is included in your retainer.

If you feel comfortable with the range of value presented in Valuation Report, we can sign a Listing Agreement and set our sights on achieving your exit strategy.  We use the defendable pricing information from your Valuation Report to positively present your company to potential buyers.  This provides you with additional confidence as you move toward the sale of your company.