Buy Side Broker on Strategic Acquisition in Plano

Employee Benefits Firm Expands via Strategic Acquisition

The owners of Bentley-Yates Benefits Company, Jorgen & Niels Christiansen, contacted DBG Advisors to discuss engaging us to find and then help them acquire a Third-Party Administration Insurance Company. They needed to outsource this work to us since they were busy running their own Third-Party Administration business. They needed us to search throughout the state of Texas for a company that would be willing to sell to them. They chose DBG Advisors because of our reputation for producing successful results.

DBG Advisors did an extensive search for Third-Party Administrators throughout the state of Texas. There were over 150 possible candidates and after an email campaign and follow up telephone conversations with these candidates we found two possible companies that were interested in being acquired.

We talked with these two candidates and one of them wanted to move forward with a sale that had a reasonable sales price and terms which we negotiated. Our client was about the same size as the candidate in terms of revenue, so the financing of the transaction was somewhat difficult, but we were able to find the right lender to make the deal work.


Client Testimonial

I steadfastly recommend Nolan Duck to assist with mergers, acquisitions and business valuations.  Nolan’s interpersonal skill set will promote an atmosphere of open communication during the negotiation phase, and his innovative thinking will prove effective and beneficial for both parties. If you want an honest partner providing advice and valuations in the sale or purchase of a business, Nolan can be that partner.

Niels Christiansen

Owner, Alt-Bentley Yates Benefits Company

DBG Advisors introduced the clients to a transaction law firm who began the process of developing the Letter of Intent and ultimately the Asset Purchase Agreement. We were involved every step of the way as we negotiated the terms of the transaction. We got to know our clients very well through this process and were able to close the purchase of the candidate in a $1,000,000 transaction.

Because DBG Advisors worked hard to manage relationships on both sides of the transaction and developed a good relationship with both the sellers and the buyers and we were able to produce a positive outcome for the parties.

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