Entrepreneural Operating System

EOS Implementation

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to make the most of your business, the Entrepreneurial Operating System is the best way to get the tools and ideas you and your leadership team need to improve your operations. So, what is an Entrepreneurial Operating System? There are Six Key Components™ to this system that must be strengthened and managed to build a strong company. The first three Components in the Entrepreneurial Operating System are Vision, People, and Data. To help you understand how these will help you to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System, consider these explanations.

  • Vision. Your vision is vital to your business because it ensures that everyone in your organization has a full understanding of company goals, the plan to achieve them, and the reason everyone must be on the same page.
  • People. Your team is crucial to your company’s success, and this means having the best individuals on board from top to bottom and focusing on strong team building. To achieve your vision, it is essential to have a strong staff.
  • Data. Company data is vital to maintaining the best practices with EOS®. These numbers give you concrete facts that will help to dictate how you proceed and improve, without regard to any individual personalities and opinions within your team.

Once these components are in place with your company, the next facets of EOS® implementation become apparent. These factors include Issues, Process, and Traction®. As answers to your questions regarding “What is the EOS® business model?” become clearer, you will see these components arise.

  • Issues. A wide range of problems will arise throughout the course of any business venture, and developing the best solutions is the key to strengthening operations. When issues arise, they must be addressed quickly and resolved in a way that will eliminate them from affecting the future of the company.
  • Process. Your process is your means of developing a system to identify and document the ways in which you define your business and run operations. When you have an objective process, you are able to educate the entire team on company procedures and ensure that they are followed. This creates scalability and consistency within your organization that is vital to success.
  • Traction®. This term is used to describe the methods of accountability and discipline that you will employ in your operations. When you have successful Traction®, you are able to see your company vision come to life.
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How to Get Started

Sellability ScoreOnce you understand what the EOS® system is, your next step is to introduce these concepts into your company. You will need to find an experienced EOS® Implementer to guide everyone in your organization through the process, starting with the leadership team. You may also choose to hire someone from outside the company to handle your implementation, such as DBG Advisors, who have EOS® Implementers on their staff.

The process will start with a meeting, or 90 Minute Meeting, in which the EOS® Implementer will meet with you and your leadership team to give an overview of what EOS® is and how it can be used in your company. At this point, the team will be up to speed on the tools and system you can use to strengthen the business, and you will be able to make decisions on how this system can be implemented.

After you understand the EOS® definition and have decided to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System, the next steps involve The Focus Day™, in which you will equip your team with the tools they need, establish responsibilities, priorities, and communication, track critical numbers, and resolve issues. This will get you on the right track in the first 30 days of EOS® implementation.

The next step in the process, or Vision Building™ Day 1, involves reviewing the tools you acquired during your Focus Day™ and using the Vision/Traction® Organizer™ to gain a clearer picture of where the company is going, and review your team members. At this point, the team goes through another 30-day period with the new tools before Vision Building™ Day 2.

Vision Building™ Day 2 is the second step in mastering your tools and completing your vision. Here, you will focus on your marketing strategy, your 3-Year Picture™, your priorities for the 90 days ahead, and your 1-year plan.

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