We put a great deal of effort into finding qualified buyers or a corporate buyer who fit your company. We have developed methods and resources to attract interested buyers who have the financial resources to purchase your company. Besides that, it is important to understand how different buyers approach the purchase process to enable you to make informed decisions concerning the sale of your business.


There are four kinds of buyers:


The Strategic Buyer:

  • A larger public or private domestic firm.
  • Accustomed to long term planning.
  • Motivated by future earnings.
  • Acquisition is prompted by factors such as industry growth, complementary products, distribution, management, proprietary goods and/or services.


The Corporate Buyer:

  • An individual or group backed by an investor or private equity fund.
  • Comes from large company background.
  • Employs traditional approach to evaluation
  • Focuses on current and future, rather than past.
  • Places primary emphasis on capitalization of earnings and on the ability to finance the purchase.


The Financial Buyer:

  • An individual or small group.
  • Primary focus is on income and building equity.
  • A need to leverage the purchase price.
  • Major emphasis placed on historic earnings and therefore current conditions.
  • Perception of risk is likely to be higher than the strategic or corporate buyer.


The Industry Buyer:

  • From the same or affiliated field as the company being purchased.
  • Primary focus is on the fixed assets therefore customer list of a business.
  • Presumes that they will bring virtually all other value to the enterprise.
  • Lowest prices historically becasuse they come from industry buyers.

DBG Advisors has experience guiding our clients through the transaction process. We will represent your company with professionalism because of our honesty, dedication, and attention to detail.

Therefore, we believe you deserve a qualified and experienced team of professionals guiding the process step by step. Therefore, we have put together a team to assist with the special needs that may arise as we move through this complex process. In conclusion of our team we call upon other independent professionals who may be engaged as their services are required.