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7 Things Every Business Owner Should Know

1 Industry & Revenue are Important – But Not the Only Things 2 Recurring Revenue Is Critical 3 Focus on Selling Less Stuff -to- More People 4 Reduce Reliance on A Single Customer 5 Reduce Reliance on A Single Employee 6 Reduce Reliance on A Single Supplier 7 Leave Some Field Left To Plough
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6 Little Things that Make a Big Difference to Your Company Value

Value Builder Assessment When it comes to selling your business, markets can be cruel. A Value Builder Assessment is critical. . Get everything right, and you can successfully sell your business for a premium. Misjudge a couple of minor details and a buyer can walk, leaving you with nothing. Here is a list of six...
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How To Avoid Disappointment When It’s Time To Cash Out

Cash Out Time How do you avoid not being disappointed when you cash out from the sale of your company? Perhaps you’ve heard that companies like yours trade using an industry rule of thumb or that companies of your size sell within a specific range, and you want to get at least what your peers...
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Making the
decision to sell

Selling your business can be the largest and most important transaction you will ever have. No matter the reason for the sale – illness, age, partner disputes, financial hardship, or other reasons – selling your company is a high–stakes transaction, with far-reaching financial and emotional consequences.

Making the decision to sell


Why do you want to sell? The following list may point to the reason that now is the time:

  • Owner’s Burn-out
  • Want to retire
  • Health problems
  • Children do not want to enter the family business
  • Get estate in order
  • Other business interests

If there are partners or stockholders involved in your business, be sure that everyone agrees (in writing) to offer the business for sale. Whatever the reason for making the decision to sell, if you have the luxury of time, you should start preparing your business two to three years before your desired time of sale.

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