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Sound Business Valuation Leads to Successful Outcomes

DBG Advisors regularly does Business Valuations as a part of the M&A Advisory and Business Brokerage service. We provide Broker Opinions of Value across every business asset category. We are aware of the industry-specific issues and trends that impact value at the outset of the engagement.

We believe high-quality Business Valuations are an outcome of years of experience and the use of valuation tools that provide industry specific data that supports our findings. With experience in a wide range of industries, we have insight, knowledge and skills to perform an excellent valuation. Our team of advisors will bring highly-developed research, analytical and communication skills to your specific case. Since we give every task senior-level attention, you receive a sound valuation of your company leading to successful outcomes.

A successful business valuation model looks at several inner and outer concerns. Our experts are experienced in the methodical identification of the issues and are dedicated to producing a precise valuation that will help you in making a well-informed decision. Our services have been integral to many of our clients during many situations including the selling of their businesses. Our advisors believe determining the true value of your business is significant as it will help give you an opportunity to make the right decision.

Definition of Business Valuation

And When You Need One

Business ValuationA Business Valuation is a formal process to calculate the worth of the business. It counts on the professional verdict of the expert who weighs the type of business, its financial performance, the value of assets and related liabilities plus any other important information used to come at an estimate of the value of the business.

There are many reasons why you may need a Business Valuation. Here are a few of them:

  • To determine the worth of the company.
  • To develop a technique to improve the profitability.
  • To negotiate a strategic sale of a business.
  • For exit strategy planning processes.
  • To settle stakeholder or partner disputes.
  • To find out whether the company is growing, stagnant or declining in terms of revenue generation and earning profits.

Our Business Valuation Process

Business valuation is a forward-looking concept. As your business valuator, we will attempt to predict the future benefits that would be available to an imaginary investor at a given point of time. We will need some crucial information from your end that will help us in our process. We will need to see your financial statements for at least 3 years. Along with that, we will also consider intangible assets such as intellectual property and goodwill. We will also compare your business with other similar businesses in your industry.

We make use of industry resources to scale the respective company’s overall performance. We consider current economic situations and outlook to find if our forecasts are reasonable or not. We also pull information of other companies that are working in the same industry as yours. We gather all the relevant information and then generate a valuation report based on our findings. Our reports are easy to understand. If you are unable to understand the report, we will explain what is contained in the report.

At DBG Advisors, we will explain the methodology we use in valuation of your company. We take the time to explain how we came to our valuation, addressing all your questions and concerns. Our goal is simple – creation of an accurate valuation document or report that will help you meet your future goals.

Why Choose DBG Advisors for your Business Valuation Needs?

We are seasoned advisors with regular experience in conducting many business transactions in the market and working with similar companies. We have sound knowledge of your industry, market and your line of business. Our experts are familiar with different valuation methodologies. While valuating, we will consider both financial and non-financial factors in the process. Whatever may be the reason for your Business Valuation including sale, performance or family dispute, we can help because we are experienced in conducting valuations for different purposes.

Business Valuation is a challenging job and it should be undertaken by a competent, experienced valuation professional. At DBG Advisors, we are a team of advisors who can provide you an accurate corporate valuation.

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